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This site is a place for collecting together photos and† recipes from the chocolate tastings (and to celebrate the glory of the winners).Here you can find:

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 Although there were earlier attempts at systematization, Russian chemistry professor Dmitri Mendeleev and German chemist Julius Lothar Meyer independently published their periodic tables in 1869 and 1870, respectively. That's just about 150 years ago. So let's celebrate with a table full of chocolate! After all, tables mean food, and food is made up of chemicals, and chocolate is a wonderful chemical compound. So letís celebrate!


Itís time again for the aperiodic CHOCOLATE PARTY!   Make your favorite chocolate dish or contribute in other ways (see below) and come taste lots of interesting and unusual element-inspired chocolate creations such as (Be) Berries dusted in cocoa or (As) Asparagus with cocoa nibs. You can use the element name, it's symbol, it's properties, atomic weight, go for it like you go for chocolate! I am compelled to add that making an arsenic based dish, even if chocolate is added is NOT ok...

16 November 2019

Thanks to Tom L, a warning about compulsions you may have to collect the actual elements:



AndÖ in case you haven't heard Tom Lehrerís wonderful song about the elements:


Prizes, based on your votes, awarded at 4:30.

If you donít want to make a chocolate item, please volunteer for other assistance:

 Alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages

 Photography (see photos here, here and at the evite site)


 Best on Theme

 Most Artistic

 Best Tasting

 Most Decadent

 Best Savory

 Best Overall

 Help with set up or cleanup


Weíd like your dish to be included in the vote, and for you to vote on dishes before they disappear.


Special thanks to:

 Lise and Vincent (set up and check in)

 Deborah, Juanita, Ken, Martha, Nancy, Susan & Mike, Patti(prizes)

 Kathleen, Tom L, Michele (beverages)

 Russ, Derek (clean up)

 Russ, Bill (photography)