Chocolate Tasting party

Solstice/Midsummer Chocolate Party

This site is a place for collecting together photos and  recipes from the chocolate tastings (and to celebrate the glory of the winners).  Here you can find:

 - The Chocolate Song (by Elisa)

 - Photos (by Russ)

 - The Recipes

 - The Entries


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The summer solstice has been celebrated by people since prehistoric times.

The first consumers of chocolate, from the Incas in Mocha Picchu to the Pueblo People of Choco Canyon, built buildings and structures aligned to track the seasons. Romans and Greeks knew that the longest day of the year came between Gemini, the sign of the Twix, and Cancer, the sign of the Carob.

In Europe, the day is celebrated as Midsummer.  If chocolate had reached England in his lifetime, Shakespeare's a Midsummer Ice Cream might have been Two Gentlemen of Valrhona.  Modern Druids and Wonkans travel to Stonehenge and celebrate with bonbon fires and Morsel dancing.




It’s time again for the SOMETIMES ANNUAL CHOCOLATE PARTY!   Make (or buy) your favorite chocolate dish and come taste lots of interesting and unusual solstice/summer-inspired chocolate creations such as Pagan Pain au Chocolat.  Don’t assume that your dish has to be a dessert.  We’d love to have some non-dessert items as well like Solstice Souffle or Midsummer Mole.



Prizes will be awarded, based on your votes, for most decadent, best tasting, most artistic and best overall.  There will also be prizes for best theme-related and best non-dessert dish.

uh, even though you might use it to make chocolate ship cookies…

28 June 2014