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25 June 2005

This is just a convenient place to collect together photos and recipes from the chocolate tastings! Of course it should also add to the glory of the winners, too!

And, even photos and recipes from previous events (well, at least one)

(Don't miss Mike's punny invitation below)

A Chocolate Party!!!

Come celebrate ART with a collection of chocolate creations. The Sometimes Annual Chocolate Party is your big chance to try lots of interesting and unusual chocolate dishes. All you need to do is make (or buy) your favorite chocolate dish, show up and taste to your heart's content. We'll all vote on the entries for prizes in various categories.

Chocolate has fueled art and artists for centuries, from Mochalangelo's fresco of the Last Fudgement to the melting clocks of Sachertorte Dali. Some people prefer the chunky women of Peter Paul Rubens, others the pastels of Oh Henry Matisse. When it comes to chocolate, beauty is in the mouth as well as the eye of the beholder.

Look deep into your chocolate center and wake your muse for the SOMETIMES ANNUAL CHOCOLATE PARTY! The theme this time is "Chocolate Art": chocolate inspired by or inspiring works of art, or even artistic creations in themselves. They may be as abstract as something by Pablo Picacao, or just be something Edvard would like to Munch. Whether you chisel marble cake, assemble a chocollage, or glaze and bake something in a kiln, it qualifies for our exhibit.


The 12 Step Chocoholics Program:
Never be more than 12 steps away from good chocolate!

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