Chocolate Tasting18 October 2008


Just a place for collecting together photos and recipes from the chocolate tastings (and to celebrate the glory of the winners). Here you can find:

- The Chocolate Song (by Elisa)

- The Entries (photos by Russ)

- The Recipes


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Text Box: Election Update from CNN's (Chocolate News Network) Christiane Almondpour and MSNBC's (Meet Saturday Night Bring Chocolate) Chris Marshmallows.

From the Iowa Cocoas to the current choconomic crisis, this election year has had its light, dark, and bittersweet moments.  Voters must choose Twix Republicans who want to have their cake and eat it too or Democrats who want a bigger piece of the pie for the middle class.  Neither party is poised to Rolo-ver the opposition.

At times the campaigns have focused on PayDay issues, the Heath Bar system, or how to keep Iran from getting the recipe for nuclear bombes.  Lately there have been Nutrageous claims by Bill O'Henry and Lou Dibs causing widespread Snickers.

Obama turned to Joe Bite'em to increase his appeal to middle class white chocolates.  The surprising choice of Sarah Palin by John McCain has people wondering if she will turn out to be a Powerhouse debater or a Flake.  She may be able to field dress a mousse, but she is no Policy Wonka.  Clinton strategist James Caramel says about Palin, "If a woman who supported Hillary votes for Hershey will soon regret it."

It is now Crunch time in the campaigns and both are looking for a Sugar Daddy that can provide the Mounds of cash needed to win.

Before our eyes glaze over from all the election couverture, we're going to Take Five and form our own Party.  We'll be conducting a Souffle of registered voters with a large sample size.

Thanks to Deborah and Mike for the inviting puns!