20 years of chocolate!

CHOCOLATE: 1990 ~ 2010

This site is a place for collecting together photos and recipes from the chocolate tastings (and to celebrate the glory of the winners). Here you can find:

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1990 was the first year we did the chocolate party so it's been 20 years!!  We haven't actually done 20 of them, but we're celebrating the anniversary anyway by doing a retrospective of the themes that we have done over the years.

That means just about anything goes this year from dessert war-inspired Carob Terrorists to the current election's Barbara Box-of-Chocolates/Jerry Brownie vs. Meg Whitman Sampler.  Or, perhaps the literary "The Mochamorphosis" is more to your taste whereas movie-lovers might prefer "Cocoa before Chanel" or "Blood and Chocolate".

Seriously... make a chocolate dish that ties in with your favorite past theme.  Or, just make something chocolate.   It doesn't need to be a dessert.  Savory dishes are most welcome.  There will be prizes for best tasting, most decadent, most artistic, best savory dish (possibly more than 1 prize), best theme-related dish and best overall.  And, don't forget that we need drinks, too!  Hope you can make it!!

We’re not asking for the largest chocolate ...


or even for seaworthy chocolate ...


...uh, even though you might use it to make chocolate ship cookies…

Just bring something tasty and have a good time!

16 October 2010