1999: The Millennium

13 November 1999

- The Chocolate Song

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It's time to party like it's 1999!

It's time for the Ultimate Chocolate Party!

It's time for the Chocolate Party of the Millennium!

As the year gets ready to Rolo-ver, it's time for the Last, the Final, the Ultimate Chocolate Party of the Decade, the Century, the Millennium!

Whether the end of the millennium has you waiting for angels to descend from heaven, aliens to beam down from spacecraft, world government troops to emerge from black helicopters, or computer bugs to send us programmatically and economically back to the beginning of the century, while there's still time, let's have some chocolate.

So use up all your non-y2k-compliant chocolate chips, and start working on that Y2 cake. You may hear Snickers from friends, but when Crunch time arrives, you'll know the Skor. Whether you plan to be Nestled in your bunker, or packed for that trip across the Milky Way, be sure to See's the opportunity to prepare for the big M(&)M.