1994: Tabloid

1 October 1994

Tune in the night of October 1st at 7:30 for a special episode of the show that dares to reveal the truth behind the year's headlines:


First, Inside Confection goes to Georgia to talk to Horace Frump, the person who inspired the movie, Forrest Gump. "My momma REALLY said 'Life is like a box of choc-o-lates: it looks good on the outside, but it probably has one o' those gooey things that you don't know what the heck it is inside'".

Moving on to Detroit, investigator Chip Sahoy describes how he tracked down the implement used to injure skater Nancy Kerrigan. A two-foot long Tootsie Roll not only clearly shows the knee-print of Nancy, but also contains a tooth filling left in the chewy stick in a futile attempt to consume the evidence. Dental records show the filling belongs to none other than Tonya Harding.

Then, in an Inside Confection exclusive, correspondent Moe Cagrande talks to a hotel clerk who was spying on then-governor Bill Clinton when he allegedly propositioned Paula Jones. "When Clinton told her he had something in his pants that he wanted her to put in her hand or even her mouth, he was just offering to share some of his M&M's. He never went anywhere without a big bag of them."

Plus, the shocking revelation from LA. New DNA testing of stains on the Bronco and on the sidewalk outside of OJ Simpson's house show a 95% probability of being Double Rainbow Ultra Chocolate ice cream.


Finally, and most shocking of all, Inside Confection goes to Menlo Park, California, where a cult has emerged that worships chocolate. Calling their festival 'The Chocolate Anything Tasting', the group indulges in a feast of dishes containing the magical bean. Experiments abound with strange combinations of chocolate and other ingredients...

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