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Shakespeare Chocolate Party

This site is a place for collecting together photos and recipes from the chocolate tastings (and to celebrate the glory of the winners). Here you can find:

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William Shakespeare died 400 years ago, only a few years before chocolate arrived in England. We can only guess what The Bard would have written about chocolate, had he known it.

Might Richart III have exclaimed "A torte! A torte! My kingdom for a flourless chocolate torte!"  Perhaps Puck, tasting a chocolate chip cookie, would have observed "Lord, what jewels these morsels be!"

His Sonnet to Snickers could have begun
Shall I compare thee to a Milky Way?
Thou hast peanuts and no malt in thy nougat.

21 May 2016

Hamlet might have pondered "Toblerone or not Toblerone, that is the question."  In As You Like it, Rosalind asks, "Can one desire too much of a good thing?" We say no, and so will have a Chocolate Party May 21st!


Its time again for the SOMETIMES ANNUAL CHOCOLATE PARTY!   Make (or buy) your favorite chocolate dish and come taste lots of interesting and unusual Shakespeare-inspired chocolate creations such as Soliloquy Souffl.  Dont assume that your dish has to be a dessert.  Wed love to have some non-dessert items as well like Measure for Measure Mole.

Prizes will be awarded, based on your votes. If you dont want to bring a chocolate item, WE NEED DRINKS AS WELL! Anything potable would be great.  We could also use HELPERS to do setup/cleanup/check in/photos.

And, PLEASE ARRIVE BETWEEN 6 and 6:30PM.  Wed like your dish to be included in the vote, and for you to vote on dishes before they disappear.