1995: Movies

5 August 1995

- The Chocolate Song

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The summer movies are out, and people are filling the theaters. Will they be whipped into a frenzy by an action flick, deeply stirred by a drama, amoussed by a comedy, chilled by a horror movie, or mixed up by a whodunit? Will a love story melt their hearts, or will yet another sequel cause their eyes to glaze over? Come express your taste and separate the almond joys from the milk duds as CBS, the Chocolate Broadcasting System, presents:

THE CHOCADEMY AWARDS (a.k.a, The Chocolate Anything Tasting V)

Join the Mocha in Pitcher Academy and host Paula Poundcake for an evening of film, fudge, and fun. Evaluate the candy-dates or produce your own, including:

Malt Disney's Cocoahontas

Paramound's Fudge Dredd

MNM's Guitard with a Vengeance

Oreo Picture's Rolo 13

Find out if Jim Carob will win Best Supporting Ingredient in the chocbuster hit Fatman Forever. See whether Lindt Eastwood and Meryl Semisweet are hot enough in The Fudges of Madison County. Discover how Fay Milkyway sweetens the nutty Don Juan de Mars Bar. Learn why Hugh Grant indulged in divine brownies when he had all Elizabeth Hershey's kisses.


Our accounting firm of Micks, Baik, Coole and Frost insists we provide the following official information:


The Chocolate Anything Tasting is your big chance to try lots of interesting and unusual chocolate dishes. All you need to do is make or buy your favorite chocolate dish, show up and taste to your heart's (or your stomach's) content.