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Speech and Language Technology



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Years of multi-disciplinary experience in technology development and transition

Co-Founder of three innovative companies:

  • Nuance
  • BravoBrava!
  • Soliloquy Learning

Co-Inventor, 4 issued patents:

  • 1993, Linguistically motivated hidden Markov models
  • 1996, Pronunciation modeling
  • 2000, Method and apparatus for text-independent pronunciation grading
  • 2001, Method and system for text-independent grading of pronunciation for language instruction

"You really helped us a lot in thinking about a strategy for our company and how to manage the technology transition effectively." -- Startup executive

"Rethinking the interface to incorporate speech actually cleaned up the rest of the interface!" -- Upstart executive

"She is extremely knowledgeable about speech and language technology and applies that knowledge at both the visionary and practical levels. She continues at the forefront of the technology through invited talks at international events and local organization of technology exchanges. She is a strong team advocate and mentor. It is always a pleasure to work with Patti." -- Coworker

"Patti is great at building trust with prospects to understand a new business as a trusted adviser. She did a great job leveraging those insights to effectively position our value proposition by co-authoring an Engineering Vision plan. She has guided us from not falling into traps that seem to be the obvious solutions. Beyond the technical side, Patti is open, a great team-player who always finds time to help a colleague. Will continue to work with her." -- Client