This engaging book is aimed at children who are beginning to read. Like a Dr Seuss book, it is fun, engaging and supports developing reading skills. Most pages have four voices to carry the story: Banana the bat's words are easy for beginners, the fun poem helps to reinforce phonological awareness (a crucial early reading skill), the main storyline introduces more complex vocabulary and grammar and will probably be read (at least at first) to the child, and, finally, the mouse at the bottom of the page asks a question to encourage thinking about what happens next. This book is a fun way to start reading while also building vocabulary and grammar skills! It is loosely based on the concept of Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories and is already a favorite of all the children who have read it so far! Get an idea of the story with a story preview of a few pages:

Story Preview A (low resolution html), Story Preview B (pdf — large file)

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ALSO AVAILABLE IN KINDLE VERSION, including a child-friendly lexicon.


Read about how Emma writes the first letter! This is an updated version of Rudyard Kipling's charming story written in 1902. The story about the great invention of writing is now set in the United States. Entertaining and educational with support for beginning readers just like the bat book (easy to read page summaries, a poem and question on every story page, modernized and updated text and images). In addition a new long poem appears at the end followed by a description of each letter and how it's used in English. A fun way to start reading!

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Read about how Jacob helps invent the alphabet! Based on the 1902 Rudyard Kipling story, this version is updated and takes place in the United States. This book has all the beginning reader support of How the First Letter was Written, including the description of each letter and how it is used in English.

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· I will create a personalized version using your child’s name for that bat’s child friend.

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