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  • 2009, "Speech-Enabled Memory Assistants," Speech Strategy News. PDF of submission.
  • 2009, "Assessment of Emerging Reading Skills in Young Native Speakers and Language Learners," P. Price, J. Tepperman, M. Iseli, T. Duong, M. Black, S. Wang, C. Boscardin, M. Heritage, P. Pearson, S. Narayanan, and A. Alwan, Speech Communication.
  • 2007, "Automatic evaluation of children's performance on an English syllable blending task," S. Wang, P. Price, M. Heritage, and A. Alwan, SLaTE. PDF.
  • 2007, "Multimedia Technologies and Solutions for Educational Applications: Opportunities, Trends and Challenges," Patti Price, Proc. IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing, Greece. PDF.
  • 2007, "A System for Technology Based Assessment of Language and Literacy in Young Children: the Role of Multiple Information Sources," A. Alwan, Y. Bai, M. Black, L. Casey, M. Gerosa, M. Heritage, M. Iseli, B. Jones, A. Kazemzadeh, S. Lee, S. Narayanan, P. Price, J. Tepperman, and S. Wang, Proc. IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing. PDF.
  • 2007, "Automatic detection and classification of disfluent reading miscues in young children's speech for the purpose of assessment," M. Black, J. Tepperman, S. Lee, P. Price, and S. Narayanan, Proc. Interspeech ICSLP, Belgium.
  • 2005, "Tball Data Collection: The Making of a Young Children's Speech Corpus," A. Kazemzadeh, H. You, M. Iseli, B. Jones, X. Cui, M. Heritage, P. Price, E. Andersen, S. Narayanan, and A. Alwan, Proc. Eurospeech, Portugal. PDF.
  • 1999, "VILTS: A Tale of Two Technologies," M. Rypa, P. Price, in CALICO, Vol. 16, no. 3, special issue on Tutors that Listen, Melissa Holland (ed.), pp. 385-404. PDF.
  • 1998 "Speech Processing: Past, Present, and Outlook," B. Juang, D. Childers, R. Cox, R. DeMori, S. Furui, J. Mariani, P. Price, S. Sagayama, M. Sondhi, R. Weischedel, IEEE Trans. Sig. Proc., Special 50th Anniversary Issue.
  • 1997 "Spoken Language in Human-Machine Interfaces: The Past as Springboard to the Future," P. Price, Business Intelligence Program publication D97-2067, SRI Consulting.
  • 1996 "Combining Linguistic with Statistical Methods in Automatic Speech Understanding," P. J. Price, chapter 6 in The Balancing Act: Combining Symbolic and Statistical Approaches to Language, Klavans and Resnick (Eds.) MIT Press. Amazon book.
  • 1996 "Spoken Language Understanding," Chapter 1.8 in Survey of the State of the Art in Human Language Technology, Ron Cole, editor, Sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the European Commission, Amazon book.
  • 1995 "The Challenge of Spoken Language Systems: Research Directions for the Nineties," with 23 co-authors, IEEE Trans. Speech and Audio Proc. Vol. 3, pp. 1-21.
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